Tarmak 0.6 released

We are excited to announce the release of Tarmak, 0.6! If unfamiliar, Tarmak is a CLI toolkit to provision and manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS with security-first principles. This new release brings a host of great new features and improvements, including pre-built AMI images for worker nodes, new CLI commands, use of the Kubernetes Addon-manager and more.

Tarmak 0.5 released

After the recent Kubernetes security vulnerability, it is time for some positive news again. Three weeks ago we released Tarmak 0.5. Tarmak is a toolkit for Kubernetes cluster provisioning and management. This recent release has seen a lot of improvements and new features. We were pleased to be able to shorten the release cycle for 0.5 to three months, and we will be releasing regularly and maintaining this faster pace of development as we progress towards 1.

Introducing Tarmak - the toolkit for Kubernetes cluster provisioning and management

We are proud to introduce Tarmak, an open source toolkit for Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management that focuses on best practice cluster security, management and operation. It has been built from the ground-up to be cloud provider-agnostic and provides a means for consistent and reliable cluster deployment and management, across clouds and on-premises environments.