cert-manager reaches v1 and Jetstack announce enterprise support

On behalf of the cert-manager team, it is with great pleasure to announce the v1 release of the cert-manager project! A project started by Jetstack three years ago, cert-manager automates the management of x509 machine identities within Kubernetes and OpenShift. It has grown to become a leading community project in the cloud native ecosystem, with many tens of thousands of end-users. The project has now reached a level of maturity and we are excited to reach this momentous milestone with the help and support of the entire community.

Cert-manager v0.15 and beyond

This post will explore the new features in the recently released cert-manager v0.15, as well as give an overview of our plans for the future of the project. Jump to the bottom for more information on how to get involved and start contributing! The cert-manager project has come leaps and bounds since its beginnings almost three years ago. Initially started to expand on the success of its predecessor, kube-lego, the project is now used by companies all across the world and in all sorts of industries, including government departments, large financial institutions, car manufacturers and retail stores!

Introducing new training for Extending Kubernetes with Operators and Serverless with Knative

Today, we are delighted to announce the availability of two new training courses.

  • Extending Kubernetes with Operators
  • Serverless on Kubernetes with Knative