Istio OIDC Authentication

A service mesh is an architectural pattern that provides common network services as a feature of the infrastructure. This typically includes features such as service discovery and policy enforcement to control how services within the mesh can communicate with each other. Istio is a service mesh implementation which works by running an instance of Envoy alongside each instance of your services to intercept and proxy service traffic. Additionally, fleets of standalone Envoys are deployed to handle traffic entering and leaving the mesh.

Continuous Deployment and Automated Canary Analysis with Spinnaker and Kubernetes

Spinnaker is a cloud-native continuous delivery tool created at Netflix and was originally designed and built to help internal development teams release software changes with confidence. Since then it has been open-sourced and has gained the support of a growing number of mainstream cloud providers including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle. At Jetstack we receive questions almost on a daily basis from our customers about how to deploy to Kubernetes across different environments and in some cases to clusters in multiple cloud providers/on-prem.

Istio at 1.0 - Why should you care?

Businesses operating at scale face several challenges. Not only must many applications be maintained - running in different environments and built in different languages - but application behavior should be monitored closely, whilst adhering to strict security policies. There is a lot to juggle.