Integrating cert-manager with Google Cloud Certificate Authority Service

cert-manager builds on top of Kubernetes, introducing certificate authorities and certificates as first-class resource types in the Kubernetes API. This makes it possible to provide ‘certificates as a service’ to developers working within your Kubernetes cluster. cert-manager is very popular with tens of thousands of users. cert-manager can be used for many different use cases within your clusters, including mutual TLS (mTLS) between workloads, and for securing traffic from end users with ingress.

Container-Native Multi-Cluster Global Load Balancing With Cloud Armor on Google Cloud Platform

During a recent project, a Jetstack customer wanted to load balance global traffic to multiple Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters, while also benefiting from Google’s Cloud Armor to protect against denial of service (DoS) attacks. Additionally, they wanted to make use of container-native load balancing for improved traffic visibility and network performance.