A bumpy landing into life as a CRE

Intro In this short post, I’ll be touching on my experience of moving into a customer-facing role, and my experience of overcoming work-based anxieties. I have worked purely within internal operations for the last 5 years. This started with Linux systems administration for a few years before going on to cloud platform engineering. More recently, I did a short stint as a technical solutions engineer. During this time spent working in the engine rooms of small businesses I built up some experience of platform reliability and observability.

Our take on Women of Silicon Roundabout

Jess and I recently attended the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference at London Excel and, rather than just returning to our usual routine the next day, we decided to sit down and have a think about it all. So if you’ve missed the event, are contemplating attending something similar or you’re simply just curious to know what we think, here is a summary of our key takes from the conference.